Thermal Imaging

Thermography Services

Heat – It’s the first sign of failure in an electrical system, and it is impossible to detect without the correct equipment.

Just because the installation appears to be operating correctly, it does not mean that there isn’t a potential issue lurking.

Annual thermal scans can diagnose possible points of failure, troubleshoot breakdowns, and minimise downtime by identifying likely problems so remedial work can be scheduled and carried out accordingly.

Many problems can cause heat such as:

  • loose wiring connections
  • friction
  • and equipment / machinery beginning to fail.

We generate and issue reports once thermal scans are completed. These reports may be required to make sure your insurance obligations are met, all the while offering you piece of mind.

Thermography can be implemented in various scenarios, such as:

  • Switch boards in residential units, complexes and accommodations
  • Distribution boards and equipment in Shopping and retail centers
  • Distribution boards and equipment in Commercial, Industrial, and Mining situations
  • Distribution boards and Solar panels in local and remote solar farms